We are a family owned company based in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, SW Pacific, and we have been involved in the kava industry for more than 12 years, organising the export of up to 300 t of dry kava per year to various markets (New Caledonia, Fiji, Hawaii, USA , China).
“South Seas Commodities” has warehouses both in Vila and Santo, the two main ports of export of Vanuatu.

We are also collecting and exporting a wide range of other raw and semi-processed agricultural products from Vanuatu (Tamanu Oil, Noni Juice, cocoa, spices, virgin coconut oil..).
We purchase our kava directly from selected farmers, and we travel extensively through the island to source the best quality kava for our markets.
We also export a wide range of kava powder, including some concentrated kava powder and some instant powder