Experienced and selected farmers working as collecting“agents” are based in different areas in Pentecost and collect the kava in the different area. They also teach the other farmers our quality criteria for kava preparation.

Those agents select the kava, then pack it and ship it on some inter-island vessels that we have selected for their seriousness.

We collect the bags here in Vila, and systematically select, rewash and redry all the kava received to make sure that they are up our standard and free of any contamination (ground, dirt etc..) On arrival, we also collect a sample of all the different batch for analysis.

Once properly dried, the kava is packed in new polypropylene bags, a code written on the bags to allow us to retrace this kava to a certain batch, and the kava is then stored in our ventilated dock awaiting the shipment.

A couple of days before the actual shipment, Quarantine officers physically inspect the kava and take sample for analysis. A phyto certificate is issued and a lab certicate certifying that noble kava only is being exported is also issued.