In recent years, “Tudei “ kava cultivar, which were traditionally cultivated for medicinal purpose or special ceremonial drinking - but not in any way for a everyday consumption - have been planted a lot by some farmers for various reasons: higher density of the dried chips, quicker growth, higher yields, high potent.

Once dry, buyers could not check, buyers didn`t care, the markets had no choice, so no one was really checking, no one really cared or believed of the potential danger of drinking “tudei” kava on a daily basis. Studies are now showing that they also contains a dangerous alkaloid, in a concentration up to 40% higher than “noble” kava cultivar.

Since early this year, exporters have now the possibility of analyzing all their supplies (and exports) through spectral analysis. We have been the pioneer in using this great technology that has enable us to select the best kava producing area (high lactone, noble varieties).

Kava is cultivated on almost all the islands of Vanuatu, but we are sourcing our kava only from selected farmers and villages in the island of Pentcost, who has a long history of noble kava cultivar cultivation.

We have been the first to make systematic analyses of all the kava received, and others are now just starting. We have been able to establish a great data base of our suppliers, and now we are proud to  be able to guarantee our customers a higher lactone content and also that our shipment will be 100% Noble kava.